Veloc® bicycle bracket

Transform your crush barriers into a budget-friendly, but safe bicycle shed..

Convince your visitors to take the bike by providing a decent bike parking, without a large entry fee.
With the Veloc® bicycle bracket you can convert (existing) crush barriers
into a temporary bicycle shed for small or large events in no time.
Cool, right?

Easy to assemble

Robust, hot-dip galvanized steel

Standard in recognizable traffic red (RAL3020)

Uniform: for every type of crush barrier, for every type of bicycle

Anti-theft & anti-vandalism

Depending on the number of bars, a crush barrier can be transformed to store a maximum of 12 bicycles.
You can partially transform barriers that you have already placed as a fence,
into a bicycle parking facility on the other side.
Or you can equip them double-sided with brackets to build a fully-fledged bicycle shed.

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